Wire Back Silt Fence

Wire Back Silt Fence


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Wire Back Silt Fence

Wire Back Silt Fence is a temporary sediment barrier made of porous polypropylene filter fabric and is designed to restrict the loss of loose soil and retain sediment in place from disturbed land, such as a construction site. Silt Fences are often installed as perimeter controls and typically used in combination with sediment basins or sediment traps as well as erosion controls.

Wire Back Silt Fence for sediment control consists of a high-quality woven geotextile with ultraviolet stabilizers to resist degradation caused by exposure to sunlight. Wire Backed Silt Fence has filter fabric attached to wire mesh for added support. The most common silt fence fabric is 70 gram and 100 gram and the wire is usually 14 gauge or 12.5 gauge wire with a 2″x 4″ or 4″x 4″ wire size opening.

Wire Back Silt Fence Features

• More robust silt fence

• Able to retain more silt before it needs to be cleaned

• Made of woven polypropylene material and non-biodegradable

• Resistant to commonly encountered soil chemicals, mildew and insects

• Silt fence plow row



• Perimeter of construction sites

• Curbside silt control at construction sites

• Adjacent to streams, lakes and creeks

• Bottom of highly erodible slopes

• Around storm water drainage ditches and culverts

• Required in some jurisdictions

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