needle punched fabric

needle punched fabric


  • Item:needle punched fabric
  • material:woven polypropylene fabric with polyester
  • weight:150gsm-600gsm
  • Color:black
  • width:3ft,4ft,5ft,6ft,8ft,9ft,12ft or as your request
  • Length:100ft,250ft or as your request
  • UV resistant 

Other Details

Needle punched fabrics are the most effective fabric weed control product on the market today. They are made from 100% woven polypropylene then needle punched to aid in permeability and capillary action. Water exchanges rates are up to 10 gallons per minute per square foot. It comes with UV resistance for long term exposure to the sun. 98% blockage of light makes it suitable for the weed control problems and is installed with or without erosion anchor pins. Contains a stripe every 12” for planting layouts on a hillside.

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