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Victor plastic Co Ltd is one of the prominent names in PP woven fabric manufacturing industry. Our exclusive products are absolutely worth for your gardening requirements and are precisely made to proffer quality and safety to your lawn or garden. Read More >>

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We have 20sets of circle looms to guarantee the biggest production capacity.10 Senior Engineers serve the best technology

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We have 10 skilled quality inspectors, our prodcuts all use top grade raw material and strictly processing sysytem in the production

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We have professional sales and after sales team and our team 24 Hours online Service.

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We serve a fast delivery time. Black colors order can be shipped within 20days,Other colors can be shipped within 30days

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Focus on weed control fabric 10 years,

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GSM (grams per square meter) is a measure of the weight or density of a material. In the context of weed control fabric or landscape fabric, the GSM value indicates how much material is present in a given area. Weed control fabrics can have varying GSM values depending on their intended use and the manufacturer’s …

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when to use landscape fabric

Landscape fabric, also known as weed barrier or weed cloth, can be a useful tool in landscaping and gardening when used appropriately. Here are some common situations when you might consider using landscape fabric:Weed Control: Landscape fabric is primarily used to prevent weed growth. It can be installed under mulch or gravel in garden beds, …

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Why use landscape fabric around trees?

Landscape fabric, also known as weed fabric or weed barrier, is often used around trees for several reasons: Weed suppression: Landscape fabric acts as a barrier, preventing weed growth around the base of the tree. It helps to suppress weed competition for nutrients, water, and sunlight, reducing the need for manual weeding or herbicide use. …

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How to Use Landscape Fabric in a Garden or Flower Bed?

High Density 14×16 Mesh/ft2 Much higher than most competitor’s products Lay the fabric: Unroll the landscape fabric over the prepared area, ensuring it covers the entire space. If you have multiple pieces, overlap them by several inches to prevent weed growth in the gaps. Secure the fabric: Use landscape fabric pins or staples to secure …

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